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Why choose Jordan Wolf?

Just 12 months ago we ourselves were leading Sales Teams, actively managing Sales people and feeling the pressure of hitting Sales numbers consistently. We understand the pain associated with trying to constantly improve Sales performance and coaching Sales to a higher level. A substantial part of this pain was trying to find to find Sales Training that was appropriate, relevant and up-to-date with current business methods and practice.

It is our experience that a lot of Sales training content currently out there in the market is outdated and is not covering all the bases needed to be successful today. We are delighted to say ours does! All our Sales Training Content is fresh and very relevant to today’s business landscape. Each Training module has been tried and tested by us personally and is created and delivered by successful Sales people for Sales people.

Course Follow-up Programs:

It is our direct experience some or all of what is learnt in Sales Training can be diluted on return to the work environment. For Sales Training to be truly effective it must be enforced until it becomes habitual. We strongly recommend you take advantage of our ‘follow up’ programme. This is an ‘in-house’ follow-up to make sure these newly learnt sales behaviours are ingrained in to your sales team(s) working day until they become constructive Sales winning habits.

“We don’t just Teach Sales, We Improve Sales performance – Guaranteed!” Ask us about it Today…