Upcoming One Day Advanced Sales Skills Workshops:

Wednesday 2nd May – Mullingar, Co Westmeath,

Wednesday 30th May – Tullamore, Co. Offaly,

June Venue – Newbridge, Co Kildare,





Course Cost – €250.00.             20% Advanced Booking Discount Available.


Course Content:

Improve your skills on how to:

  1. “How to Prospect for and win New Customers”

This course is all about Learning the skills to Reach Out to new Prospects in a Professional and Structured way that will make the difference in how Your Business Grows for 2018 and beyond!

Make your Sales Pipeline Consistent by the effective use of;

  • Social Media
  • Telephone
  • Email & Text
  • Cold Calling


  1. Use Winning Consultative Sales Techniques

This training module is based on the principle that people don’t buy from salespeople because they understand their products. They buy from salespeople who understand their problems. This method is based on the ‘hurt and rescue’ approach. You find and explore your prospect’s pain point(s) and expose them by exposing the potentially negative things that might happen in the absence of strong remedial action. You then ‘rescue’ them with your solution.

  1. Be Stronger in Pricing Negotiations:

Winning a sale is critical to your business growth. Does it need to come with unnecessary concessions that will hurt your cashflow potential? Good Negotiation Skills is key to protecting your company’s revenue and margin. It will prevent some or all of the following:

  • A lower sales value will be achieved than could have otherwise been expected
  • More concessions will be made to the prospect than necessary to get the sale – This will reduce the actual sales margin to the company
  • Over-promises will be made in terms of delivery or what can be expected from the product or service etc. Always a recipe for disaster
  1. Close the Sale and Win with Integrity:

There are hundreds of ways to close the sale. Knowing different methods of closing a sale and sharpening your closing sales skills are hugely important to your business success. On average, a sale can take 3 to 5 closing attempts before the deal is done. Many give up after just one or two closing attempts. Hearing a “no” is enough for many sales people to give up – good news for the rest of us.

We know that the foundation of successful sales performance comes by concentrating on the important steps. We specialise in turning sales mediocrity in to sales achievement.

For more information on these courses contact Gerard: Office – 01 556 3049. Mobile: 087 987 1311.