Santa’s Sales DiSC Profile?

Can you believe it? I finally managed to get Santa to complete his Wiley Sales DiSC profile. He is a hard man to get hold of, even in the slack time. I needed to show him how understanding his sales behavioural style will affect his overall numbers and performance (even Santa has competition these days). After months of failed social media leveraging and telephone calls it hit me, use pen and paper (no gatekeepers that way). ‘Bingo Bango’, Santa and I were in business!

I sent him the link to take his DiSC test (he loved that it took just 10 minutes to complete) and before long I was discussing Sales Behavioural impacts with the Big Man himself – Result.

So what did we find out? Santa breaks all the conventional rules! First of all, he asked me to explain how Sales DiSC Profiling works and I put it to him as this. There are 4 basic DiSC styles, each come with their own unique sets of strengths and weaknesses.

D = Dominance:
High-D’s are driven, ambitious and strong-willed. Sometimes at the expense of other’s feelings and sensitivities. They will use this ambitiousness and drive to find new prospects and close deals. They most likely need to practice listening skills and in engaging prospects off business topic.
Low-D are better at finding compromises and making clients feel heard. Can need to assert themselves more at crunch times though. Tend to be more cautious and agreeable and may need to speak up more. Can be less assertive at the close and may accept a prospect’s reason to defer purchase.

i = Influence:
High-i are enthusiastic, warm and persuasive people. Tendency to skip over facts just to please others. Are often charismatic personalities and can have difficulty with detail. Because of their strong enthusiasm may tend to ‘over promise’.
Low-i are likely to be more factual. So factual they may overlook the importance of relationships and connecting. They tend to be logical and incisive (which is good) but not see the importance of the softer sales skills.

S = Steadiness:
High-S will be patient, relaxed and loyal. Can be uncomfortable about taking the lead. Can be great account managers and excel at making clients feel supported without feeling pressured. May not like the role of making new sales and prospecting.
Low-S are stronger in making new sales but may be unstructured in their follow-up on these new opportunities. May be more restless and eager. Will engage in prospecting but may need regular coaching in your sales process.

C = Conscientiousness:
High-C are detail oriented, conventional and of high standards. May be inflexible and resistant to change because of it. They use these high standards to impress clients but need to take care not to deter them with inflexibility.

Low-C take more care about what needs to happen and will question if things are appropriate to task and how they can be improved. They can be more unsystematic (and creative) and may struggle with routine.

We all tend to sell based on our own DiSC profile make up. More importantly our prospects buy based on their own unique DiSC profile. The trick is to be quickly able to recognise the behavioural style of your prospect and adapt yours to more reflect theirs.

Do you know what your sales behavioural style is? And what can you do to get the most out of it?

As for Santa’s Sales DiSC profile? Well, the Big Man had me sign an N.D.A. – Santa fully understands his sales strengths and weaknesses now though. But hey, if you do by chance get to bump into him this Christmas maybe he might tell you his, if you tell him yours first.

Gerard Whelan is a Wiley Sales DiSC Accredited Facilitator.