Selling to Different Buying Types – Master Class

We all have selling experiences where we just did not click as well with our prospect customer as we would have liked to. This apparent lack of chemistry can cause us to lose a relationship or at least hamper the trust we had hoped to build. What if we could identify and adapt our approach to these different types of people? That we could reduce the likelihood of mis-communication and subsequent lost opportunity happening. To be able to build and develop positive relationships with all the types of buyers we encounter regardless of their style.

DiSC profiling will also help identify if you have the correct personality types in the appropriate roles within your sales organisation. A basic key requirement for sales success.

This workshop will help you to recognise the importance of adjusting your communication style when attempting to meet customers’ different needs and build trust. Build strategies to communicate effectively with each prospect you hope to influence or existing customer you have to account manage.

Learn to recognise the communication gaps between you and your target customer or prospect. To be able to identify the DiSC® style of key prospects/customers. Explore differences and similarities between your style and those of your customer or prospect. Be able to compare your own preferences in four key areas of communication with those of your customer. Be able to create action plans for selling more effectively in those sales relationships. It gives consideration of where sales may be endangered during the relationship build rather than during the sales piece. Develop an understanding of how to flex your style so that you can influence more strategic conversations with buyers. Especially those buyers who require influencing to feel more confident in using your recommendations and products. Understand and learn how to build trust with D, I, S and C buyers and of course the many combinations of the same.

Gerard Whelan is qualified as a ‘DiSC Accredited Facilitator’.