“How to Prospect for and win New Customers”

We consistently ask ourselves and our team to forage for New Customers to grow our business without the training and skills required to do it successfully.

This course will teach you the skills to Reach Out to new Prospects in a professional and structured way that will make the difference in how Your Business Grows for 2018 and beyond!  Make your sales pipeline consistent by the effective use of;

  • Social Media
  • Telephone
  • Email & Text
  • Cold Calling


“What is the primary reason why People Fail in Sales?” In our business, we are asked this question regularly! A lot of people believe the No.1 reason people fail is because they are not closing enough sales. Without doubt this may be the end result but generally not the reason. It is our experience that the No.1 reason sales professionals struggle or fail is the inability to consistently add qualified prospects and opportunities into their pipeline. If salespeople learn to prospect correctly, they will not have a problem closing.

Course Overview:

Course Module Overview:

1) GDPR for Sales Teams:

What does GDPR mean for sales? How do we ensure we stay on the right side of legislation? What can sales teams do to help protect customer data?

2) Building a Prospecting Business Case: 

Prospecting is the sales activity involved in researching, engaging and nurturing new prospects so they eventually become paying customers for the business. Without new customers, your business will have limited potential to grow. Some sales growth will come from existing customers, but is not sustainable due to customer loss, churn and other market conditions. Therefore sales prospecting is the most important sales activity any salesperson can undertake. Prospecting is the first step in the sales process and the key which unlocks future relationships with paying customers.

3) Creating the Buyer Persona:

Creating a buyer persona is designed to give insight and understanding of who your buyers are. What they seek to achieve? What objectives motivate their conduct? How they form their thoughts? How they purchase? Why they make their purchasing decisions? Where they purchase? When they make the decision to purchase?

4) Prepping for Prospecting:

Sales prospecting is a multi-channel activity covering social selling, emails, cold calling and events. Tactics include sharing content, white papers, articles and case studies along with offering demos, free trials or invites to events. Effective prospecting is a process not an event. It is about researching a potential prospect, establishing criteria as to why they are a suitable prospect and then putting in place a plan of action to reach out to them.

5) Script Development:

Correctly used, sales scripts are very effective. We advocate using a hybrid approach where prospectors can reference scripts for key points while still customising each conversation depending on the customer in contact. Scripts improve prospector’s confidence by knowing that they can fall back on them in difficult situations and to deliver company messaging accurately. At the same time, keeping the conversation natural and building rapport with each customer. It’s also the best way to ensure they hit the right points during the call.

6) Role Plays:

Role playing is a process-focused instructional method to effectively internalise skills so that they become an automatic set of behaviours for use in real selling situations. It provides a safe environment to encounter uncomfortable scenarios for the first time. It will build confidence and give the team a chance to get some experience in handling difficult situations and in developing creative problem-solving skills.

7) Live Prospecting Session:

This is where ‘the rubber hits the road’. Live Prospecting prepares delegates with practical tools and techniques to get to the next stage of the sales cycle. To practice reaching outside the prospector’s comfort zone in a controlled environment is an important step in the prospecting process. It allows time to receive constructive feedback and guidance on how to make the most of their prospecting time-blocks and to iron out any difficulties that may arise in the given scenarios.


5 Primary reasons why people fail at cold calling:

1. Cold calling won’t work if you don’t have a Prospecting strategy.
2. Prospecting does not work when you aren’t making enough calls
3. If your Prospecting value proposition is weak.
4. Pitching or asking for big commitments early on in the process.
5. You will not succeed at cold calling without a plan to overcoming your prospect’s initial fears or concerns.

The key to prospecting is persistence. The more calls you make, the closer you are to your next sale. Figure out your conversion rates and use those numbers to motivate you toward it. In effect, each call brings you closer to a sale. You should be able to predict how many sales you will make for each 100 prospecting calls made. The biggest obstacle to prospecting is fear. Fear is normal so do not let it be a barrier to your success.

Fear, or call reluctance, is easily overcome through proper attitude, training, practice and guidance.

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