Closing the Sale – Winning with Integrity

There are hundreds of ways to close the sale. Knowing different methods of closing a sale and sharpening your closing sales skills are hugely important to your business success. Never forget that customers and prospects alike are significantly more informed than ever before. People can instantly research your product, service, company and depending on your social network about you. Prospects are better equipped at identifying “less than honest” statements made by aggressive tactics to win a sale. If a prospect feels that you or your sales representative is not being honest, rapport will suffer along with your chances of winning a new customer.

The number one error many sales people make in closing is giving up too soon. On average, a sale can take 3 to 5 closing attempts before the deal is done. Many give up after just one or two closing attempts. Hearing a “no” is enough for many sales people to give up – good news for the rest of us.

The fact is that sometimes you will hear “no” a few times before getting to “yes”. “Every No brings you a step closer to a Yes” and if you stop after the first “no” you will not win the sale. It does take some skill to keep advancing a sale after a prospect tells you “no” but it is critical to keep moving forward. The trick is to flush out your prospect’s objections by asking intelligent questions and providing compelling answers to build additional value in to your product or service.

The result of good closing skills: More sales, More Success and More Opportunities.

“With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide.”