Sales Performance versus Sales Coaching?

‘Sales Performance Management, Coaching or Training’ must result in a tangible increase in your company’s Turnover and Profit Margin rates over an agreed time frame. Without question, this is the singular most important R.O.I. to look out for when considering up-skilling your sales force. I know it to be the only key performance indicator worth its salt!

Sales is all about the numbers and sales coaching is all about improving those same numbers. It is also about creating sales consistency and reliable sales forecasting. As you are far too aware, both are essential to managing your company’s monthly cash-flow and operational expenses.

Coaching is not just about improving sales skills or developing good work habits. It is all to do with accepting the burden of responsibility of improving your overall company’s sales performance. Just like professional football managers are judged upon league table positioning or the silverware they win rather than the style of football they encourage.

Too often sales leaders employ sales coaches or trainers without clearly defining and agreeing what eventual success will look like. The onus is on you to provide clarity in what you need to achieve from the actual spend. Improving sales skills and habits are important to the overall sales effort. Just like having a sales process or ‘play book’ defined and actioned. They are all essential parts of the methodology to improve overall sales performance. Eventual success hinges on implementing an organisational sales strategy that produces the goods. A strategy that can be easily fostered and harnessed by your sales management team to ensure the continuity of success already gained during its implementation

When talking with my ‘client business leaders’ they are always focused on achieving greater profit margins for the effort they put into their business and I invariably point to ‘Sales Performance Management’ as the single biggest activity to deliver these results.

Because we have the sales management skills and expertise to implement to execute such a sales improvement plan is what led us to set up our company last year. We are so confident about this we will Guarantee it!

If you are looking at ways to consistently improve your sales margin then we should meet for 30 minutes where I can explain how we can achieve it.

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