How to improve Your Company’s Sales Performance – 2019

Jordan Wolf are skilled in developing a robust sales process that is guaranteed to improve your bottom line. Below are just the first two key steps to achieving this goal. To prove just how effective we are at doing this, we are prepared to offer you a 90 minute completely free ‘Sales Think-Tank’ at your next team gathering.

How to make sure your business thrives next year:

Step 1: Convert more prospects to customers,
Step 2: Maximise revenue within your existing customer base
Step 3: Leverage your personal and professional networks for new business referrals

So how do we do we this?

A. Cultivate a ‘Sales Prospecting Strategy’ that makes it easier for your sales teams to dig up new leads. However, for prospects to give up their valuable time to meet you they will first need to see:

1) The Value of Seeing You
2) That you fully recognise their Challenges
3) That you can resolve these Challenges
4) How you can Make Things Better for them

When your team can do this effectively means you will start more sales conversations with new prospects. This will lead to an increase in sales opportunities and in turn help you reach bigger sales numbers.

B. Develop a ‘Lead Qualification Process’ that quickly sorts out the wheat from the chaff. Not all prospects are an ideal fit for your product or service so why waste your valuable time on those who aren’t. There are 5 key subject areas that must be probed to establish this fit:

1) Need – How real is the need for your solution?
2) Fit – Does your solution meet their particular challenge(s)?
3) Authority – Are you talking to the decision maker, the Organ Grinder?
4) Budget – Can they afford or want to pay for your solution?
5) Time-frame – Is their need immediate?

Prospecting is not just a ‘new customer’ activity. Many organisations neglect to prospect regularly within their existing customer base. Businesses continually evolve, and as a result new challenges will need to be resolved for them. If you are not starting new conversations with these contacts rest assured your competitors will – the ‘snooze and you lose’ effect.

Jordan Wolf are so convinced we can help bring clarity and value to your current sales proposition that we are prepared to let you see it at no cost to you. What is there for you to lose in getting a fresh prospective on how you can improve your team’s sales performance in 2019?

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