Get Serious About Growing Your Business for 2018

There are two schools of thought developing in our sales world – ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ {Sales 2.0}. Social media has a lot to answer for 😊. In truth, there is only room for one school of thought here! That is, how can we leverage all these new sales tools available to us to bring on-board new customers, increase sales and make more money?

Regardless of what school you think you went to or would like to have gone to, the singularly most important aspect of winning new sales is the age-old art of prospecting for new customers – fact!


Two simple reasons why:

  • Every brand-new sale begins with prospecting activity. Every prospect you find and qualify will play a key role in your future sales success. Therefore, not prospecting regularly will only contribute to eventually having your sales pipeline full of stale, same old ‘going nowhere’ leads!

Also, the Law of Business Attrition continues to work against us. Naturally our existing customer bases decreases with time.    Existing customers do drift away from time to time for all the reasons we are far too familiar with. Therefore, to grow and thrive we need to replace these lost customers with new and better-quality ones! As a direct consequence, prospecting is our primary sales responsibility and should always be valued as that.

  • New prospects bring new revenue potential previously unavailable to us. Every customer that we successfully prospect and impress brings with them new opportunities and a whole new network of referral prospects for us to tap in to. Our latest prospecting success could potentially be in our top 10 clients for next year’s up-sell, cross-sell opportunities.

No reasonably sane person can argue with the above! So then why is it like ‘pulling teeth’ to get people to prospect regularly? Is it the fear of reaching out to people you don’t know, the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone or the potential loss of control and rejection when interrupting your prospects day?

The truth is all of the above and more! Prospecting means courage and is the X Factor in being a sales success. To become a successful prospector takes planning, organisation, training and experiencing the sales results it brings with it.

One of the most regular questions put to me by business owners is “what is the primary reason why salespeople fail to consistently perform?” A lot of these same people believe it is because they are not closing enough sales. That is the result not the reason for sure. The No.1 Reason why Salespeople Fail is the inability to consistently add Qualified Prospects and Opportunities to their pipeline. We know if Salespeople Learn to Prospect constantly and correctly, they will have no problem closing the sale!

To find out more about how to build a team of successful prospectors Ask Us Today. We are so confident we can improve your sales numbers – We Guarantee It!

Gerard Whelan –  February 2018